Subaru forester manual transmission conversion

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Look around the net and there’s plenty of specialist Subaru websites and forums out there that can provide you with more info.

Review 2016 Subaru Forester epitomizes family fun -

A: We know of race cars running our kit with 240k W at the wheels with no problems.

Review 2016 <strong>Subaru</strong> <strong>Forester</strong> epitomizes family fun -

Cvt-transmission - Manchester Subaru

A machined billet aluminium blanking plate replaces the rear section of the gearbox and really looks the part for exposed boxes. Our customers have fitted the kit to WRX, Liberty GT, and Forrestor GT gearboxes from late 90′s to mid 00 models.A: It really depends on your application, and ultimately, how you treat your box.

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All kits come with a full set of installation instructions. If you find a box it doesn’t fit, we’ll give you a full refund. Later model boxes will generally have less km on them, and from around 2004 there were changes to the casings to reduce flex and keep better alnment of shafts and gears.

Subaru forester manual transmission conversion:

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