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Republic of the Philippines SUPREME COURTManila SECOND DIVISION A. APITA, Regional Trial Court, Branch 7, Tacloban City, Complainant, vs. ESTANISLAO, Court Legal Researcher II, Regional Trial Court, Branch 34, Tacloban City, Respondent.

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P-06-2206 March 16, 2011 EXECUTIVE JUDGE LEONILO B.

A <i>Manual</i> for <i>Courts</i>-Martial, <i>Courts</i> of

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For insubordination filed in the Office of the Court Administrator (OCA), Judge Apita requested the OCA to rule whether his directive desnating respondent as Court Interpreter in Branch 7 was valid and if so, whether respondent may be subjected to administrative sanctions for insubordination. respondent maintained that acting as Court Interpreter was outside the scope of her job description as Legal Researcher and constituted a demotion tantamount to removal from the service without cause. According to the OCA, Judge Apita acted well within his authority in desnating respondent as Court Interpreter in view of the vacancy in the position.Apita of the Regional Trial Court (Branch 7) of Tacloban City against respondent Marissa M. Navarrete, Court Interpreter in Branch 7 of the RTC of Tacloban City, was appointed as Clerk IV under Justice Pampio Abarintos of the Court of Appeals, leaving the position of Court Interpreter in Branch 7 vacant.

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R E S O L U T I O N CARPIO, J.: This is an administrative complaint for insubordination filed by Executive Judge Leonilo B.

Revised manual for clerks of court:

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