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Be sure to retain this manual as your convenient Palmcorder information source. These accessories are provided in order to set up or use your Palmcorder 1 pc. Record the Date and Time 1 Set the POWER switch to CAMERA. Press once display to date \\y, Pn or twice more to remove the dale/ time display.The serial number is on the tag located on the underside of your Palmcorder. Place the new Battery into the Battery tray with the 0 mark facing down until it snaps into place. Replace the Battery tray so that the small triangle marks meet. • When the Battery Is installed improperly, is discharged, or missing. Battery Charge Remaining: FULL eiwpty:^ EVP Indications (Initial screen) f]f^\ EMPTY It will take several seconds for the tape remaining indicator to operate after the tape starts moving.

Panasonic Palmcorder Iq Manual -

Please take time to fill in the information at rht. Shoulder Strap 99 s- clock starts operating, and the CLOCK . Remove the Battery by bending the locl(ing tab outward. Use of another battery may present a risk of fire or explosk)n. • Keep the Battery out of the reach of children since swallowing it may be harmful. 14 Electronic Vieivfinder Indications Tape/Battery Remaining The tape remaining and battery charge level can be displayed during recording. Press DISPLAY repeatedly to select the desired display.

Panasonic palmcorder iq manual:

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