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As one brochure stated: "The Mustang with its galvanized structural members and torque boxes is desned for strength and rugged support of both chassis and body components.

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The uninterrupted tunnel which runs straht through the center of the platform from the toe-board to the rear axle kick-up gives firm support, and the whole structure is reinforced by a practical use of ribs and reinforcements." Even so, the convertible required quite a bit of additional bracing to keep body flex tolerable.

Classifieds for <b>1966</b> Ford <b>Mustang</b> - 240 Available

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More obvious was how dressy even a basic Mustang seemed compared to the typical Falcon, thanks to standard front bucket seats, vinyl interior, full carpeting, and full wheel covers. The base option was a 260-cubic incher ($75) offering 164 horsepower with two-barrel carburetor and a bore and stroke of 3.80 3 2.87 inches.Of course, Mustang looked far sportier than the Falcon.

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Though the orinal 1965 Ford Mustang used many Falcon components to achieve a low base price, the new coupe was rather more than just a slicker version of the workaday compact.

Manual transmission for 1966 mustang:

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