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Over 40 pages of clear, easy to understand, vividly illustrated step-by-step instructions that give you what you need. Walrus Shoe & Leather, Co., Manufacturers of the finest Period and Theatrical Footwear, by Larry Waller, Delavan, WI USA Home, About, FAQ, Links, Policies, Services, Shipping, HCC, Site Map; Lasts: 7000, 4500, 4000, 3086, 1200, 1100, 900, 865, 503/M, 500, 483, 130, 9/Kids, Bonnie; Jewelry: Charms, Earrings, Lapel Pins, Tie Tacks; Books: by George Koleff, Shoe and Boot Desn Manual, Last Desn & Making Manual, How to Make Ugg Boots, also the Dictionary of Leather Working Tools by R. Salaman, Handmade Shoes for Men by Lszlo Vass and Magda Molnr, Shoes by Linda O'Keeffe.

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The comparison DVD is a b visual help in understanding every process.

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This extraordinary work teaches you how to create lasts the essential foundation of finely crafted shoes and boots.From giving you a solid understanding of what tools to use and how to use them correctly to effectively fashioning wood into lasts.

Master shoemaker George Koleff clarifies the entire process.

Manual of shoe making:

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