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For the present this bibliography should be used in conjunction with Davis. Kvavick in Lope Blanch ist sicher einer der besten Kenner des mexikanischen Spanisch; ob seine Warnungen vor einer Überschätzung des nahua-Einflusses, die sich wie ein roter Faden durch die Beiträge hindurchziehen, in allen Fällen berichtt sind, wird die Künfte Forschung überprüfen müssen). History of the project started in 1964 in Bloomington Indiana to study the linguistic norm of cultured speech of the principle cities of Latin America and Spain. 185-94) which contains a bibliography of sixty items published 1967-1983 on Mexico City educated speech.


This bibliography treats only the Spanish spoken in Mexico. For example, the Argot-Slang section of the Davis bibliography is subsumed under the Lexicography section of this bibliography, while Orthography which Davis subsumes under Morphology-Syntax has been given its own sectional division. Unites in a single volume the studies made up to this time of the cultured Spanish spoken in various cities: La Habana (2 studies); San Juan de Puerto Rico (1); México (16); Caracas (1); Buenos Aires (11); and Santiago de Chile (3). Most important part of this book for Mexican Spanish is the section «El estudio de la norma culta mexicana.

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Abstract: Particularly relevant in the era of the North American Free Trade Agreement, this bibliography is the first of a two-part sequence on the Spanish spoken in Mexico, which represents a continuation of Jack Emory Davis's «The Spanish of Mexico: An Annotated Bibliography for 1940-69», published in In the era of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), comes an increased awareness of the need for up-to-date information on all aspects of the geographic block formed by Canada, the United States, and Mexico. Goods and people move from Bangor, Maine to Barstow, California; trucks roll along the hhways from Quebec City to Quintana Roo. Parallel to the need for commercial atlases for the NAFTA area is the legitimate scholarly need for linguistic studies of the languages spoken in North America. The reader interested in Chicano or Mexican-American Spanish should consult categories two through eht of Richard V. Responding to the growth of interest and publications in psycho- and sociolinguistics, we have introduced a section on these topics. Of the sixteen studies for Mexico City, thirteen pertain to .


This bibliography attempts to bring the information on the materials published concerning the Spanish spoken in Mexico up-to-date from 1970 through 1990.

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