Kd scientific 210 c manual

Model 200 Series Users Manual - n-

Includes adjustable shelf, alcohol thermometer, and over-temperature protection. Users may only use materials provided by the lab (1/4" MDF and 1/8" & 1/4" acrylic).

Syringe Pump and Infusion Pump - KD

Access to the laser cutter is restricted to trained users (see training guide in Links below) and projects for Bioengineering classes which require laser cutting.

Syringe Pump and Infusion Pump - KD

KD Scientific Legato 210 Infuse Withdraw

Instructors should contact the Lab Staff to arrange use for their students. A water bath, used for the thawing of frozen substances, or for the regulation of temperature.Used for interface between Lab View software and hardware/circuitry. Dital I/O are 3.3V LVTTL and are tolerant to 5 V inputs. On BE lab PCs, the ELVISmx software can be accessed through Start NI my DAQ Support Information with User Guides Using the my DAQ as measurement and snal generation tools Using the my DAQ to control an LED Device Manual Introduction to Lab VIEW site Lab VIEW Tutorial DAQ Boards (USB-6008) by National Instruments A compact 120V incubator for growing bacteria. Connected to computer equipped with Bluehill interface software. Two systems are available, one with a 2KN load cell and the other with a 500N load cell. This device has a 50 W laser and bed size of 12" x 24".

Legato 210 / 210P Syringe Pump -

Available sensors in the lab Biopac Software Guide for use in the Lab, file, file Hardware Manual Student Manual Student Tutorial Biosafety Cabinets (Steril Gard Advance III) by The Baker Company A centrifuge with swinging-bucket rotor for the centrifugation of 15 m L and 50 m L centrifuge tubes. Speed Range: 1000-3175 RPM; Max RCF: 1750 x g; Max Capacity: 200 m L (4 x 50 m L) A Data Acquisition, or DAQ Board. In conjunction with the NI ELVISmx Software, the device can be used as a Dital Multimeter, Function Generator, Bode Analyzer, Oscilloscope, etc. Different attachments provide for tensile testing and 3-point bending.

Kd scientific 210 c manual:

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