Jabsco manual marine toilet installation

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The results not only revealed a preferred valve, but also gave us a clear picture of what various concoctions can do to our marine plumbing.

Joker Valves for Marine Heads - Practical Sailor Print Edition Article

If one is best, then shouldnt we all convert to that one that lasts longest?

Joker Valves for <strong>Marine</strong> Heads - Practical Sailor Print Edition Article

Sea Teach Jabsco - Manual to electric toilet conversion kit

We decided to get to the bottom of this by testing each valve against various chemicals and other substances that are often introduced into the head.Interestingly, the joker valves for Groco, Jabsco, and Raritan manual heads are so nearly identical in dimension and shape as to be interchangeable.

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At the heart of the marine toilet lies the lowly joker valve, the oft-d gateway through which all waste must pass on its way into the holding tank.

Jabsco manual marine toilet installation:

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