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The Honeybee CP2 and Blade CP dominate the micro RC market, according to RCHelicopter Town.com, but the CP2 beats the CP with its aerobatic desn and Li-Polymer battery.

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The CP2 is stable and crash resistant and its six channel, four-in-one remote gives you precise control of every move.

How to Adjust the Blade Pitch on a <i>Honey</i> <i>Bee</i> <i>CP2</i> eHow

PROPER Honey Bee CP2 SETUP & HOW to fly it. -

I ended up with CP2 super landing gear, so I am replacing the Blade frame for the CP2 frame. There is no plastic to attach to like the Blades frame. I have been looking for a Manual or at least an exploded view of the assembly.

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Honey bee cp2 and manual:

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