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The GE Personal Security Alarm Kit includes everything you need to help secure your home, including a deluxe door alarm with a four-dit keypad and three independent window alarms.

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Best of all, there's no wiring or drilling required for installation.

GE Security <strong>Alarm</strong> <strong>system</strong> - Securitex Electronic <strong>Systems</strong> Engineering

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Simon 3 packs a new level of advanced wireless security into a console desn that is smaller and more attractive than anything that has come before.This simple-to-use, cost-effective security solution helps protect you and your family against home invasions thanks to each of the 120-decibel alarms, loud enough to make a would-be intruder think twice about entering through your doors or windows.

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Simon 3 has more "hh value" consumer features; incredible new performance and built-in quality.

Ge wireless alarm system manual:

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