Delco type 116 12v 63a alternator manual

Delco 12V / 24V replacement alternator rotor for si type.

A special diode trio/capacitor assembly provides superior radio frequency interference protection.

Si & 12Si Alternator for Tractor &

Ideal for line haulage trucks, construction equipment, off hhway applications & harsh environmental applications.

<b>Delco</b> <b>type</b> <b>116</b> <b>12v</b> <b>63a</b> <b>alternator</b> <b>manual</b> Software download

Delco type 116 12v 63a alternator manual Software download

A specially desned bridge provides protection for electronic devices on the vehicle from voltage surges upto 40 volts.This series Delco Remy generator has a low parasitic draw and low turn-on speed, plus heavy duty sealed bearings to withstand stress of extreme belt loads with built in air baffles for extra cooling, restriction of foren material.


The 26SI alternators of Delco Remy has a mid range output, provides totally sealed electronics in a brusess desn, load dump protection protects the generator from voltage spikes from loose connections & RFI suppression.

Delco type 116 12v 63a alternator manual:

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