1991 jayco pop up manual

Jayco Pop Up Manual

This is a 1991 jay series 1006 jayco pop up camper in pretty good condition for the year, it has a new roof a/c unit that blows ice cold, this camper could use a little tlc but works well, pulls straht easy and smooth, no bad smells, ready to camp...

Jay Series 1006 Model Jayco 13.5 Ft Pop Up Camper Tent

Jayco camping trailers, which first came on the market in 1968, use a winch and a system of cables, pulleys, drive slugs, flexible push rod springs, and telescoping posts to raise and lower the roof. If the winch is inoperable, the roof can be raised manually by two people.

LAUEBBSTGH PDF file <strong>jayco</strong> <strong>pop</strong> up camper parts <strong>manual</strong>

Jayco POP up camper manual

Measure it and replace it with a new length of the same diameter cable. If the cable was crimped rather than bolted in place, replace the cable swage sleeves with new ones. The Jayco’s four lifter cables attach to the harness block with eye bolts and are routed to the drive slugs via pulleys.Check the winch mounting bolts to be certain they are undamaged, and hold the winch thtly to the sidewall or floor. One end should be bolted to the winch, and the other either bolted or crimped to the steel harness square. Unbolt the main cable from the winch attachment, and pull the free end through the harness square. Replace any lifter cable that shows sns of fraying, breakage, rust or other damage.

LAUEBBSTGH PDF file jayco pop up camper parts manual

With the bracing in place, crank the winch down to remove tension from the cables. The cable wraps around the winch, located inside the camper beneath a cover on the cabinet or dinette.

1991 jayco pop up manual:

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