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Unique features and Bose technologies make these speakers a superior choice for home or office workspaces. A spaciousness enhancer actually improves the sound from interference, even with the speakers placed ... Owner's guide - Page 6 Setting Up Where to put your Media Mate speakers ® Fure 2 Bottom of each speaker, for rubber feet Bose desned these speakers to place Media Mate speakers Accessory speaker Powered speaker 6 October 29, 2001 AM177243_03_Or set them in the reverse position, if you prefer having the powered speaker controls ... AM177243_03_October 29, 2001...'s manuals for the equipment you reconnect that cable. Owner's guide - Page 8 ...computer sound source or external sound source. cal information...complement One magnetiy shielded 2.5" (6.4 cm) full-range driver per enclosure Power pack rating USA/Canada: ...

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Additional safety information See the additional instructions on your speakers. Owner's guide - Page 15 ...0299-3901-390109 European Office Bose B. Saturdays 9...-61998 ET (eastern time): Weekdays 9 a.m.

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Connect the speakers ...7 How to connect to the sound source ...7 How to connect the power pack ...8 Using Your Media Mate Speakers How to use the volume control ...8 How to use the mix control ...9 When to use the headphone jack ...9 Maintaining Your Media Mate Speakers How to clean the speakers ...10 Troubleshooting ...10 Product Information Warranty period ...11 ... Owner's guide - Page 7 ..to red and white to adjust the balance of the powered speaker to white. 20 VA Japan: 100 VAC~ 50/60 Hz 20 VA Speaker inputs Input power: 12 VAC~ 1.2 A Input snal: 3... Simplify subtitling processes in file-based workflows Standard packages cover the most common workflows, each incorporates one or more pre-confured workflow models to suit particular applications (see datasheet for details).

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It suits applications for TV broadcasters and playout centres, media service facilities and operators of VOD, mobile, IPTV and web-video services – anywhere that media files need to be created or converted quickly, simply and automatiy.

Xtatix mediamate xca-mm4 manual:

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