Winchester model 94 rifle manual

Winchester Model 1894, 94 - Backgrounds &

When it comes to hunting rabbits and squirrels, one of my rimfire lever rifles usually get the nod.

Winchester 94 1941 Disassembly -

I’m the wrong generation to have a history with AR-15 rifles and their various counterparts.

<strong>Winchester</strong> 94 1941 Disassembly -


I trained in the “brown shoe” army (we had to dye our boots black after they were issued) with vintage M1 Garands. I didn’t get my hands on an AR-15 until just a few years ago. My memories of the M1 battle rifle, a great firearm by the way, include the fact it wehed a hefty 9 1/2 pounds!You may not distribute printed or electronic copies of these manuals without Pyramyd Air's express written consent.

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Winchester model 94 rifle manual:

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