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Since then I have successfully and completely rebuilt the engine, replaced the broken transmission with a working one, replaced the clutch and throwout bearing, put a brand new H&R cup kit suspension on it, put a brand new magnaflow exhaust on it, put brand new tires on the stock 15" alloy wheels, replaced the fuel pump and filter, put a new battery in it, put a new alternator in it, replaced the oil and oil filter, replaced all of the old gas with new gas, put new ECS drilled and slotted brakes on it, put racing/sport pads on the front, stripped the bad parts of the interior (preparing for the track), replaced a seized timing belt tensioner, replaced all of the belts, replaced a seized brake caliper, replaced the spark plugs and spark plug leads, had the head professionally done (spent $350 on that), and many many more things.

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Basiy I have put over $4,000 and 250 hours on this car to get it to this point.

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The reason I'm selling it after all of this work and money is that I've learned so much from this car that I now want to work on a rotary.You can get a perfectly good one for $90 at NAPA so it's not pricey to fix that if you're worried.

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It can and will run when push started but won't start on its own because I don't have the starter motor.

Vw golf mk3 manual:

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