Tivo glo remote manual

TiVo C00212 TiVo Premium Glo Remote with Backlit Keys C00212.

, including the capability to record four programs at once even while you watch something previously recorded.

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But to get the XL4's $400 cost down to $250, Ti Vo slashed the storage from 2TB to 500GB for the Premiere 4, or from up to 300 hours of HD programming down to 75 hours.

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The Premiere 4 comes with a standard Ti Vo peanut remote and isn't THX-certified; the XL4 includes a Ti Vo Glo Premium backlit remote and is THX-certified for audio and video.The $150 Ti Vo Premiere and $250 Premiere XL are two-tuner models with storage for up to 75 or 150 hours of HD shows and support for dital cable, HD and standard-definition over-the-air broadcasts (ATSC), and Verizon Fi OS.

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; and Mo CA (Multimedia over Coax Alliance) networking in addition to Ethernet (wireless still requires an add-on adapter).

Tivo glo remote manual:

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