Remington 700 7mm mag manual

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It has never burned up the world, but at least it manages to hang on with a small but loyal following.

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No other European 6.5mm has made even a tiny blip on the American market, and no domestic 6.5mm cartridge has achieved lasting glory.

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No 6.5mm cartridge, whether European or American, has done particularly well over here.Of course you remember the .264 Winchester Magnum, a real rising star in the late 1950s and early 1960s that was quickly eclipsed by the 7mm Remington Magnum. Like the .264 it took off like a rocket amid much hype, but it seems to have reached its zenith, with current sales rumored to be slipping badly–although it is making inroads among the AR-style crowd as a tactical and competition round.

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The longest-lived 6.5mm cartridge in America is the 6.5×55 Swedish Mauser.

Remington 700 7mm mag manual:

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