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NX2 Manual

If you have a Nikon camera that can shoot raw files, then Capture NX provides you with some important additional tools that will allow you to perform edits on your raw files and to maintain a level of quality, that simply can’t be achieved when shooting in JPEG or TIFF mode.

NX101 -- A first course using Nikon's Capture NX2

In this chapter we’re going to look at Capture NX’s raw processing capabilities.

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Unfortunately, Capture NX does not support raw formats from other cameras, so as mentioned earlier, if you’re using a non-Nikon camera and are shooting raw, you’ll have to do your raw conversion elsewhere.The concepts presented in this first section are true for any camera that shoots raw, and for any raw conversion software.

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However, while Capture NX may not be able to handle your non-Nikon raw files, you still mht want to read the first few sections of this chapter to get a better understanding of how your camera works and of why you mht want to consider shooting raw.

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