Might and magic x game manual

Computer Game Museum Display Case - Mht and Magic

Also:- Added 64bit version of Utility.exe- Added 64bit version of Map Editor (mht improve stability but have not tested enough yet to be sure).

H5 Manual page - Celestial Heavens - All Things Mht

RC9 will bring also many more improvements (see below).

Computer <i>Game</i> Museum Display Case - Mht <i>and</i> <i>Magic</i>

Heroes of Mht and Magic - Free

QUICK NOTE: On older PCs the creature manual can cause a lag when opening the creature hire screen, if you don't want this you will unfortunately have to remove the feature entirely, this can be done by removing MMH55from your data folder.The manual can be accessed from creature hire screen with a new ingenious drawer bar.

MMH5.5 In-Game Creature Manual RC9 news -

Thanks to the efforts of community member Th Gryphn, MMH5.5 will now include a new creature manualfor easier comparing upgrades.

Might and magic x game manual:

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