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Also:- Added 64bit version of Utility.exe- Added 64bit version of Map Editor (mht improve stability but have not tested enough yet to be sure).

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New User options (can be modified in MMH55file):-Added additional control over game difficulty, AI cheating can be adjusted from off to 6 different levels.-Added option to handicap AI because some players found game too hard.-Added option to always automatiy ally all AI players against human player.-Added option to have neutral towns on RMG maps prebuilt to a chosen level, so when you conquer them you don't necessarily need to built them from level 1.

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The hher the level the stronger the guards.-added option to make memory mentors forbidden and turn any on the map into sboosters, for classic RPG experience.The manual can be accessed from creature hire screen with a new ingenious drawer bar.

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Thanks to the efforts of community member Th Gryphn, MMH5.5 will now include a new creature manualfor easier comparing upgrades.

Might and magic x game manual:

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