Lexicon lxp-15 service manual

Lexicon LXP-1 - Manual - Dital Effects Processor - HiFi Engine

The Lexicon LXP 15 is a multi effects processor that is capable of being hooked up to your computer via USB and used as a plug-in as well as a piece of outboard gear.

Lexicon LXP 15 Snal Processors/Rack Effects eBay

It has MIDI ins and outs and two 1/4 inch inputs and outputs as well.

<b>Lexicon</b> LXP-1 - <b>Manual</b> - Dital Effects Processor - HiFi Engine

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All of the functions are also accessible from the front menu which is great because it means you don’t have to go through a bunch of sub menus to get to where you need to be. UTILIZATION The use of the unit is easy to fure out as a piece of outboard gear, but can get somewhat confusing when using it as a plug-in.I must note that the plug-in section of this unit can only be used as a VST plug-in and is not compatible with Pro Tools without the VST to RTAS adapter.


The parameters are pretty easy to follow and it is easy to scroll between all the different types of effects that this piece of gear has.

Lexicon lxp-15 service manual:

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