Ford ikon 1.3 service manual

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With the forwards b feed line banjo now loosened off by several turns a shallow pan is placed below to catch the oil lost in the next all important step.

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And of course the main feed banjo bolt feeding the oil pump itself , ie at the bottom end of the large feed oil line, this loosened off before pouring oil into the tank above.In all near a pint can be injected by these means described above. Next one inserts the oil can spout through the forwards banjo bolt opening deeply enough to deliver oil into the filter element housing and pumps that at least half full , soaking the filter and cutting down on the time it takes before delivery of oil begins to the rods etc upon startup. Here you can load up the timing cover passages via the top feed quill beneath the dome nut, replace .


Then before replacing the rocker caps you shoot a stroke over the top of each rocker arm to oil the inner rocker contact tips and thrust pads , and the lower valve stem and guide . Then you can fill the connecting rod b ends via the feed quill bore , even easier to simply do so via the small screw opening in the end of the quill, delivered through a clean shop rag, one layer across the opening to act as a seal.

Ford ikon 1.3 service manual:

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