Drayton digistat scr manual

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Distat RF Troubleshooting Procedure This data sheet is intended to help you resolve any problems you may be encountering with the operation and use of the Drayton Distat RF range of products.

Drayton Distat+2RF User Manual

Please follow the below steps before contacting Drayton regarding faulty product.

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Drayton Distat + 2RF Room Thermostat Wired Thermostats.

Put the Distat unit back on the wall 3) - When commissioning is finished Successfully: If commissioning is successful, it is always best to check that the distat transmitter is placed in the optimum position for transmission of the snal to the SCR Receiver.B) Pull down both battery drawers until fully extended C) Remove batteries from drawers D) Push battery drawer away from you until drawer drops out of unit Installation of new battery drawers: A) Insert battery drawer and push until drawer clicks into position B) Insert new batteries, ensuring they are type AA - Alkaline batteries C) Close Drawers 2) - The system needs to be fully re-commissioned. System A) Pull down battery drawers from Distat unit and allow screen to go completely blank B) Turn off the power supply to the SCR receiver unit and leave for 5 seconds C) Turn on power to SCR unit and check red lht is on D) Put the SCR unit into its manual override mode by pressing the override button.2 once.


Enclosed you will find replacement battery drawers with a new contact arrangement as per below: Old Battery Drawer New Battery Drawer 1) - Replace old battery drawers with the new battery drawers A) To replace drawers, remove distat from wall by loosening screw underneath The Distat RF transmitter.

Drayton digistat scr manual:

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