Bmw e46 m3 manual or smg

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Even today in the twenteens, it’s a peach of a powertrain.

E46 M3 - manual or SMG?

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<strong>BMW</strong> M3's Third Generation - M3 <strong>E46</strong> -

BMW E46 M3 smg 2 v manual box - thoughts. - General Conversation.

And is it enough to outweh the inevitable negatives attached to a car approaching 15 years of age? It’s a six-cylinder unit with a 3246cc displacement, capable of producing 338bhp at 7900rpm.Nick Trott, evo’s editor, said he’d choose the car if he had £10k or £15k at his disposal, and Dan Prosser later agreed, saying he’d buy the harder CS version.

BMW M3's Third Generation - M3 E46 -

You may have noticed in our recent ‘best cars for x amount’ web features that we’re quite fond of the E46 BMW M3.

Bmw e46 m3 manual or smg:

Rating: 93 / 100

Overall: 91 Rates