Bmw e46 m3 manual or smg

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You may have noticed in our recent ‘best cars for x amount’ web features that we’re quite fond of the E46 BMW M3.

BMW M3's Third Generation - M3 E46 -

Nick Trott, evo’s editor, said he’d choose the car if he had £10k or £15k at his disposal, and Dan Prosser later agreed, saying he’d buy the harder CS version.

<b>BMW</b> <b>E46</b> M3 BASE 2 DOOR COUPE <b>SMG</b> TRANSMISSION cinnamon INTERIOR

E46 M3 - manual or SMG?

Even today in the twenteens, it’s a peach of a powertrain.It’s unquestionably the M3’s best feature, punching it forward with deceptive ease and loading the rear so you can trim the car’s attitude through the length of a sweeping corner.’ Thankfully, the past decade and a bit has been kind to the engine, and with the latest M3 receiving a turbocharger and even the previous E92 generation swapping six- for eht-cylinders, the E46 possesses a classic charm that’s been lacking from the M3 badge ever since.


Below, we explore whether it’s worth spending your hard earned cash on an E46 BMW M3. We loved it when the car was new, with then motoring editor John Barker proclaiming: ‘That 3.2-litre 338bhp straht-six is wonderful, with an effortless reach, ever-ready vour and a tht-lipped howl spangled with a zingy, metallic edge.

Bmw e46 m3 manual or smg:

Rating: 95 / 100

Overall: 100 Rates