Altec lansing 9442a manual

Help in wiring Altec 9442A transformer primary from 110v

I still cannot fure out on how to wire the primary voltage circuit for the amp.

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Link for Altec9442A: And Transformers/power Amps/9442A Power Amplifier I found the link to wire Altec model 9444A .

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Altec Lansing 9442A Anniversary Series® Power Amplifier

If I could see a picture of the the current wiring I mht be able to this 9442A from a 2nd hand shop. so the primary transformer is wire for 110v operation voltage.

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Hi all, I just purchase a Altec 9442A anniversary edition and a Altec 9444a power amp. Can anyone Please hht to me on how to wire the main transformer input to accept 220v or 240v? Tim Thank you for sending me the link to the manual for Altec 9442A , But due to lack of knowledge in reading schematic diagram.

Altec lansing 9442a manual:

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